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There are various options to choose but we deliver best results, in an easy way, with no stress.

Distribution Services

We distribute and monetize all kinds of musical content easily and quickly to more than 80 digital stores and streaming services worldwide.

No Upfront Or Hidden Fee

SoundXpand is committed to providing a fully transparent service to all of our artists and labels. Start your musical career with no upfront.


Through our dashboard, you can easily manage your whole catalog, witness growth & earnings from analytics & reports.

24/7 Support

You can contact us through our email or submit a ticket. our team is here to make your distribution easy and fast.

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What's More?

Thanks to our technology and standard procedure, which help you get all benefits while distributing to digital stores through us. and It only takes few clicks.

Notification alert

Experience a new level of control with SoundXpand's Notification Alerts feature. Stay in the know about your music's performance effortlessly. Receive real-time updates on your distribution status, track engagement metrics, and be the first to know when your music hits major platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and more. With our intuitive notification system, you're always informed, ensuring you can focus on what matters most your music.

Regular analytic

Empower your music career with the insights you need through SoundXpand's Regular Analytics. Gain a deep understanding of your audience, track streaming trends, and refine your strategy. Our analytics provide comprehensive data on your music's performance across various platforms, helping you make informed decisions. Regularly updated and easy to interpret, these analytics become your roadmap to success in the ever-evolving music industry.

Easy payouts

At SoundXpand, we prioritize your success, and that includes hassle-free payouts with PayPal & UPI. Our platform ensures that you receive your earnings quickly and efficiently. With our Easy Payouts system, you can focus on creating music while we take care of the financial side. Receive your royalties with ease, making your journey with SoundXpand not just rewarding creatively but also financially. Your success is our priority.


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