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How long does it take to live my music on stores and services?

While creating a new release, it’s very important to choose the right date for your music to go live. we recommend choosing a date that is at least one month ahead if you want to make sure that it will be live on the selected date and avoid any delays in the release.

After creating a new release it will be sent to our review team for approval, please read our uploading guide and best practices for a faster release here. Generally, we take 1-7 days to review your release, after approval release will be sent to stores and services immediately.

Here are some approximate times of stores and services, *note you can expect these times after your release was approved by our review team:



Apple Music/iTunes

24-48 hours

Amazone Music

24 hours


5 business days


2-7 days


48-78 hours


3-7 days

All other stores

1-4 weeks

*Please note we can not guarantee you that this is an exact time for your music to go live.